The world needs more impolite company 


You know the saying: If you don’t want strife, the three things you shouldn’t discuss in polite company are Religion, Politics, and Money (There’s one more most Americans would add: Sex).

But where does that silence leave us? It doesn’t further understanding. It doesn’t advance the intellectual landscape. It doesn’t challenge the status quo. It doesn’t agitate for radical empathy. It doesn’t change the way people see, feel, or experience the world or each other.

Great art needs to do all of these things. It exists to do them. To speak about religion, politics, money, sex, or any sensitive subject, it requires one put more important things ahead of being polite. Of being liked. Of being celebrated.

It requires that one be Impolite, if necessary. Truth, authenticity, respect, growth, integrity, love, and compassion are more important than courtesy.

We’re motivated by a fundamental need in our society to stop being polite when polite means being quiet. We’re going to talk about hard things because that’s what our society needs. We’re going to be adults, and talk like adults, and face issues like adults, because that’s what our world deserves. We’re not going to be rude – and we’d love to come over for dinner! – But fair warning: we make for Impolite Company


"You guys are doing awesome work over there.  I'm excited to see what's next..."