Struggling under the weight of past mistakes, Eva grants Cameron permission to cheat on her in an attempt to heal their splintered relationship.

Winner - Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellows Fund Grant, February 2015

Nominee - James R. Janowsky Award, March 2015

Festivals - Take Two Film Festival, New York City, April 2015;  Student International Film Festival (STIFF), Rijeka, Croatia, October 2015

Featured on Film Shortage, Viddsee, and We Are Moving Stories

Written, Directed, & Edited by Jason Stefaniak

Produced by Ryan Carmichael, Toshimichi Saito, & John Morrow

*This film was made possible through the assistance of a grant from the HFPA Fellows Fund and produced at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television.